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Behavioral Etiquette

Behavioral Etiquette

The sacrament of Holy Confession is administered on Saturday (after the Vigil), and Sunday (before the Divine Liturgy)

One should always approach Holy Confession with penitence and peaceful thoughts.

The sacrament of Holy Communion is administered during the Divine Liturgy. We prepare for Communion by reading prayers before and after receiving the sacrament, by abstaining from all food and drink (including water) from the preceding midnight, and by going to Confession.

Communion is offered only to baptized Orthodox Christians.

Personal appearance is important for a good Christian – exterior tidiness helps to enhance one’s spiritual clearness. Men should take their hats off before entering the Cathedral; women should cover their heads with scarves. One should be dressed properly and according to one’s gender.

Needless to say that the cell phones and other sound-emitting electronic devices must be shut down upon the entrance in the cathedral. It is imperative!


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