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Since 1985, the Rector of the St. Andrew’s Russian Orthodox Cathedral has been Archpriest Mark Shinn.

Twice a year, our Cathedral is visited by the bishop of Zaraisk, Mercurius, who is a Vicar of the Most Holy Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, and the Administrator of the Patriarchal Parishes in the USA.

The weekly Divine Liturgy is celebrated every Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.The Holy Day Divine Liturgies are celebrated according to the “old”, Julian calendar (e.g. Christmas is observed on January 7th).

All of the rites of the Russian Orthodox Church are provided to the faithful.

Our Cathedral has been not only a spiritual but also a social center of the Russian community in Philadelphia:

  • There is a Sunday school, where children learn the Divine Law and Russian language. Among other activities, Sunday school organizes children’s concerts to celebrate Christmas and Easter.
  • St. Andrew's has an excellent amateur choir which welcomes new singers.
  • There is an active Church Committee and Sisterhood in the Cathedral. In advance of such holidays as Christmas, Easter and Pentecost, the Sisterhood organizes charity bazaars with ethnic Russian food.
  • Cathedral’s Museum treasures unique documents about the Cathedral itself, Russian navy ships in Philadelphia, and the life of the Russian community in America.
  • Cathedral’s kiosk always has for sale Orthodox literature, icons, other sacred items, and gifts.

Our Cathedral’s doors are always open to the faithful, and to those who are seeking faith and support.


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